10 Years Later…

Three weeks ago, we sat down and decided to do a a creative project together just— for fun and to keep our creativity from going stale. We got together with nothing particular in mind— just the desire to do something fun and creative.

For the next 5 hours, we talked, laughed, giggled, shared ideas and experiences, ate yummy baked yams, munched on grapes, bounced ideas off each other, came up with even better ideas, inspired each other even more and by the end of the night, we were left with a bunch of Google docs filled with ideas and a jittery anticipation to start designing!

We decided to focused on one project: a play off of the The 12 Days of Christmas. It was pretty amazing how much our concept evolved from the original one which we can’t even remember anymore because it changed so much. We bounced ideas off each other like no tomorrow— when one of us suggested something, the other would suddenly get all excited and go, “oh what about this….!” and the cycle just kept on repeating itself. We eventually had to stop because one of our boyfriends already went to bed (we were at his house) and the other boyfriend was asleep in the kitchen (because we were too loud in the living room). We ended that night, but the following 3 weeks were spent in coffee shops, bubble tea cafes, at each other’s houses, BBMing and G-Chatting until the cows came home, exploring, dreaming of possibilities, and imagining a more creative world.

The only problem was that it was already November 26th and 18 days later, we would have had to pick a business name, design our logos, brand ourselves, design and develop a website, and go through the entire design process with each of the 12 creative ideas for Christmas we were planning to do.

Tight schedule?


Were we up for the challenge on top of our full time jobs, full-time school and each of our own freelance projects?


This project was special because it was our first one together. We’ve known each other for over 10 years— we sat together in our first art class in eighth grade when we first met, we were always artistic and good friends but we’ve never done anything together! We knew how busy each of us were but we were excited about this project so we made a promise that we were going to do it no matter what— or else we’ll hate each other for the rest of our lives and never ever be friends again! True story.


Let us tell you, the last three weeks were ROUGH but we did it because we didn’t want to be disappointed in each other. Our first launch project was not at the polish level we wanted, but it was more of a test of our friendship and how well we work together. We had full-time commitments (work and school), our own multiple freelance projects while still trying to enjoy life— we were on the craziest crunch of our lives (and many more to come) but we somehow did it and managed to come out with our friendship unscathed.

We knew we were destined to work together. We had the same passion for creativity, we were both extremely hard-workers, we had complimenting skill-sets— one was a graphic designer while the other was a graphic artist, one loved designing interfaces and typography while the other loved to draw, paint and do traditional art, one loved to code and the other had an extreme interest in motion graphics and photography, one had tons of industry experience while the other was born with a pencil and sketchbook in her hands— and we were both trained in art and design.

We wanted to combine all our skill-sets, mix, match and create new and beautiful things, thus Mix Match Creative began…


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